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Arts & Health

Everyone who has ever sung in the shower, created (or admired) a masterpiece or laughed through a comedy show, will appreciate that the arts can make you feel good. But there is a growing body of evidence that demonstrates the profound and powerful effect the arts can have on our mental and physical well-being, and on the delivery of better health results and services to patients across Victoria.

Silent disco at the Royal Childrens Hospital

Silent disco at the Royal Childrens Hospital
Source: Royal Childrens Hospital

Programs and Projects

A list of programs and projects that actively engage the community through arts with the aim to create connections, improve health and facilitate sharing of experiences for the benefit of the individual and community.


A list of research in support of the connections between arts, health and wellbeing, from the effectiveness of the arts in treating illness to the contribution of the arts in promoting and maintaining health.

Funding Opportunities

A list of funding opportunities for projects and programs within the arts and health sector.


A list of organisations working within the arts and health field.

Arts & Health Feature Stories

A list of feature stories centered on the theme of arts and health.

The National Arts and Health Framework

The National Arts and Health Framework has been developed to enhance the profile of arts and health in Australia and to promote greater integration of arts and health practice and approaches.

Visit mcm.arts.gov.au to download the Framework


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