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A Legal Toolkit for Content Delivery

Digital technology has revolutionised the means by which we communicate. The law is constantly changing to keep up with and reflect these changes.

This Toolkit is designed to assist navigation through areas of law crucial to dealing with distribution of content in the digital environment. Whilst it has been designed for use by organisations contributing content to the Culture Victoria website, it will be useful for anybody who distributes information in the digital environment.

The Toolkit assists producers of digital content to think about what the content is, how it will be distributed, and where it will be distributed.

Admittedly, the language in this Toolkit is often dense and complex. Where possible, we have tried to keep it simple and accessible. Unfortunately, the law is often neither of these things, especially when it attempts to deal with technology, so have patience and proceed carefully.

PLEASE NOTE: The laws referred to in the Toolkit were current at July 2005 and it is advisable that you refer to the "Other Resources" section of the Toolkit for further information on the legal issues covered in the Toolkit.