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Small Arts Organisations

The State Government commissioned Deloitte in 2006-07 to conduct research and evaluation of Victoria's small arts organisations and their contribution to the State's cultural landscape.

The research consisted of a series of stakeholder interviews, public meetings, focus groups and a comprehensive survey of the sector across the State. More than 300 organisations were surveyed across all artforms including:

  • visual arts and craft,
  • theatre,
  • dance,
  • music,
  • writing and publishing, and
  • new media.

For the first time, this research provides an in-depth picture of the small arts landscape in Victoria and its chief characteristics. It reveals that small arts organisations:

  • Are significant generators of new ideas and work
  • Attract and engage new and diverse audiences and participants to the arts, including disadvantaged groups
  • Stimulate economic activity
  • Provide significant employment opportunities for artists and arts worker
  • Promote professionalism in the arts, providing training and skills development opportunities
  • Make a significant contribution to cultural export and tourism

The research also includes an assessment of government support to the sector and the difference it makes; and highlights the key challenges for the sector.

Silhouette of person in spider-like position on floor

Harriet Ritchie in Mortal Engine by Chunky Move.