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Advice to Arts Organisations on ANZAC Day

Date: 15 April 2015

The ANZAC Day Act 1958 and the Shop Trading Reform Act 1996 provide significant restrictions on operating before 1pm on ANZAC Day for retail shops, sporting events, cinemas and entertainment venues.

Section 5 of the ANZAC Day Act 1958 provides that films may not be shown (if a fee is charged or a donation required) at cinemas or other places before 1pm on ANZAC Day unless a permit is given by the relevant Minister.

Section 5A of the ANZAC Day Act 1958 provides that unless the relevant Minister has given a written permit, no entertainment to which persons are admitted on payment of a fee or donation required may be provided before 1pm on ANZAC Day.

“Entertainment” is defined in Section 5A(8) of the Act as including, but not limited to, a dance or similar event at which one or more persons play music (whether live or pre-recorded), and a concert, play, drama, recital or other performance at which there are one or more performers.

Further information is available on the ANZAC Centenary website

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