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Victoria is home to a vast range of creative organisations and events - from internationally-recognised major companies and festivals to much-loved local gems.

The lists below, whilst far from comprehensive, contains a variety of these organisations and events.

Organisation Listings

Find out more about some of the amazing organisations involved in Victorian creativity.

Education Listings

With more than 110 creative organisations working in the education sector, there is a rich and diverse array of learning experiences available to Victorian students and teachers.

If you would like to be listed here, or to update your listing please fill and submit the organisation listing form.

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Bonita Ely, Tracing Mt. Feathertop, 1977, Tracing templates for Mt Feathertop model onto brown paper from Map III

Womens Art Register

A ‘museum without walls’, the Women’s Art Register was established by a group of women including Kiffy Rubbo and Meredith Rogers, directors of the Ewing and George Paton Galleries at Melbourne University, and artists Lesley Dumbrell and Erica McGilchrist. Inspired by American feminist writer Lucy R. Lippard, they set out to create a space to support and promote not just Australian female artists but the very notion of art by women.
Find out more