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VicArts Grants


The VicArts Grants program invests in the creative endeavours and professional practice of Victoria’s independent artists and arts companies. It provides one-off support for discrete projects and programs that will develop and bring dynamism to Victoria’s arts sector.

The program is open to new ideas, new modes of practice and new approaches to delivery that will build on Victoria’s position as a leader in Australia’s arts sector.

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Closing Date

Applications close at 5pm, Wednesday 17 August, for activities commencing after 1 December 2016.

Please note: it takes approximately 12 weeks from the closing date until funding results are available.

Applications for the August 2016 round of VicArts Grants can be submitted online from Thursday 28th July in the Creative Victoria Grants Portal.

How to Apply

Applications for the August 2016 round of VicArts Grants can be submitted online from Thursday 28th July in the Creative Victoria Grants Portal.

Applications close at 5pm, Wednesday 17 August, for activities commencing after 1 December 2016.

Please note it takes approximately 12 weeks from the closing date until funding results are available.

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Each application will be competitively assessed and rated against the VicArts Grants program aims and the equally weighted assessment criteria.

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Assessment Criteria

  • Artistic Merit
  • Artist and Sector Development
  • Audience and/or Community Engagement
  • Viability

Assessment Process

Advisory Panels, comprising artists, arts professionals and community representatives assess and rank each application against the program aims and assessment criteria. Each application will be assessed by one of the following panels: Visual Arts, Dance/Physical Performance, Theatre, Literature, Music, or Cross-Artform/Multi-Artform as nominated by the applicant (see the Artform Panel Guide in the VicArts Grants overview and guidelines document).

Creative Victoria staff and an appointed Chair will attend all the Panel meetings. Creative Victoria staff then bring together all the panel assessments and rankings to develop a final list of applications for recommendation to the Minister for Creative Industries who will make the final approval.

This second phase of the assessment process ensures that a balance of art form, types of activity, geographic and community diversity is reflected in the recommended projects.



As a recipient of Creative Victoria funding, you are required to:

  • Notify Creative Victoria of any changes to your proposed project
  • Publicly acknowledge the support of the Victorian Government using specific logos and text
  • Acquit your grant by completing a written report on the outcomes of your funded project.

Notification of changes

Once you have received funding you are required to keep Creative Victoria advised of any significant changes that may impact on the project. Changes to itineraries (dates, venues etc) and expenditure of approved funding can normally be accommodated as variations to a funding agreement. You should contact Creative Victoria program staff to discuss any likely changes, and if advised, please complete the Amendment to Funded Activity Form here  (DOC, 76KB).

Logos and Text Acknowledgement


The Creative Victoria logo device must be included on all promotional materials produced by the grant recipient in relation to the funded activity.

Creative Victoria logo

These may include (but are not restricted to):

  • Posters, fliers and brochures
  • Advertisements
  • Invitations
  • Information and education kits
  • Signage
  • Programs and catalogues
  • Websites.

The size and position of the logo should be commensurate with the level of funding provided by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria in relation to other supporters.

The Creative Victoria logo device is available in a variety of formats, please take note of the guidelines for its use.

Text Acknowledgement

The following text/verbal acknowledgement of Victorian Government should be used in any speeches, media releases, interviews and other circumstances where a logo may not be possible:
[This project is] supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria

Acquittal Reports

When your funded activity is completed, you must provide Creative Victoria with an acquittal report within 30 days.

Failure to satisfactorily acquit funding will make you ineligible for future Creative Victoria funding and may result in action to recover the grant.

The acquittal report includes a financial reconciliation. For grants of $40,000 and over the acquittal report must include an opinion or certification by an independent auditor that verifies the financial reconciliation.

For further information go the the Acquittals page.


To find out more or discuss your application, please contact us and direct your enquiry to the most relevant member of the VicArts Grants team:

Art form




Aarti Desai

 8683 3106

Dance/Physical Performance

Aarti Desai

 8683 3106


Aarti Desai

 8683 3106


Robyn Gawenda

 8683 3203


Robyn Gawenda

 8683 3203

Visual Arts

Robyn Gawenda

 8683 3203