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Logos and Acknowledgements

Through Creative Victoria, the Victorian Government supports a wide range of creative projects, organisations and initiatives. All recipients of Creative Victoria funding must publicly acknowledge the support of the Victorian Government by:

  • Placing the appropriate logo on all promotional materials and
  • Using specific wording ('text acknowledgement') in any public speeches, interviews and text-only promotion of the project.


The specific logo to use may differ depending on which funding stream you have been supported through and where your project will be taking place. Please refer to the 'responsibilities' section of the funding program you have applied to for the specific requirements.

In August 2015 the Victorian Government introduced a new brandmark for the state. Creative Victoria's suite of logos have been updated accordingly, so please ensure you use the current versions. You can download the different logos, and find the guidelines for their use, on the following pages:

Text Acknowledgement

A text or verbal acknowledgement of the Victorian Government's support should be used in media releases, launch/event speeches and other promotional opportunities where a logo may not be possible.

In general, the following wording should be used:

"[This project/organisation] is supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria."

However some programs, such as the Education Partnerships programs, may have specific requirements so please check the 'responsibilities' section of the funding program you have applied to and your funding agreement.

Funding Recipients

Two performers dressed in white leaning on a white wall Lucy Guerin Inc Received $8,000 in 2005-2006 through the International funding program