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Indigenous Professional Development Program


Applications for funding through the Indigenous Professional Development program have closed.

The information and guidelines on these pages relate to past rounds of funding and may be revised into the future. Information, guidelines and dates for the next funding round will be provided via this website and the monthly Creative Victoria eNews.

The purpose of the Indigenous Professional Development Program is to:

  • support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artist/arts-workers from Victoria to be represented at significant national and international conferences;
  • support artists'/arts-workers' strategic International market and professional development; 
  • support career and artistic development for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists; and,
  • market and showcase the work of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists living in Victoria.

The Program supports a range of opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts practitioners and arts workers residing in Victoria. The need of the individual in attending the specific opportunity must be demonstrated. Organisations can apply for professional development opportunities for individual staff members.

Funding is available to support arts practitioners and arts workers to: 

  • participate in significant national and international conferences; 
  • participate in national and international markets and expos;  
  • participate in events such as festivals, biennales and exhibitions where there is a demonstrated professional or market development outcome; and
  • participate in short non-accredited courses where the course provides new or improves upon existing creative or technical skills.

Upcoming events

Selected Conferences, Events and Workshops that are scheduled in the next coming months.

RMIT's School of Fashion and Textiles Product Knowledge Workshops in Textiles, week of 6th-10th June 2016:

RMIT School of Fashion & Textiles short course

Various Dates
Adobe Photoshop - Introductions

Various Dates
Creative Business: Selling Your Work

See also:

Gold Street Studio - photographic workshops 

Australian Print Workshop education programs 

Cairns Indigenous Art Fair

Funding available

If applying for international opportunities, you need to speak to Elizabeth Liddle, Program Manager (03 8683 3136) prior to submitting the application.

For international opportunities, up to $2,500 can be applied for.

For national opportunities, up to $2,000 can be applied for.

If applying for national or local opportunities, you can speak to Melissa Kramer (03 8683 3179).

Closing date

Applications for funding through the Indigenous Professional Development program have closed.

The information and guidelines on these pages relate to past rounds of funding and may be revised into the future. Information, guidelines and dates for the next funding round will be provided via this website and the monthly Creative Victoria eNews.

How to Apply

Applications can relate to any artform, including literature, visual and performing arts. Individuals or organisations can apply.

Applications for funding through the Indigenous Professional Development program have closed.

The information and guidelines on these pages relate to past rounds of funding and may be revised into the future. Information, guidelines and dates for the next funding round will be provided via this website and the monthly Creative Victoria eNews.

Preparing an application

All the information you need to start drafting an application to the Indigenous Professional Development program is available now.

We encourage you to draft your application using the available drafting tools in advance of submitting your application online.

To prepare your application, you should:

  1. Read all the program information. 
  2. Contact program staff with any questions.
  3. You can choose to draft your application use the Indigenous Professional Development program application drafting tool  (DOC, 152KB)
  4. If using the drafting tools, copy and paste the content of your application from your draft template to the online Grants Portal.
  5. Upload any supporting documents required as part of your application (refer to the Application Documents and Supporting Material section)
  6. Submit your completed application.

Funding Available

Applications will be accepted for requests between $300 and $2,500.

Funding is available for the direct costs of the activity applied for including travel costs such as flights and taxes, ground transport, accommodation, travel insurance, conference fees and meal expenses. If you are applying to participate in a course, material and/or equipment hire and course costs may be applied for. 

The funding does not cover: 

  • artist fee/wages and on-costs or per-diems for attendance
  • exhibition opening attendance where there is no demonstrated market or audience development activities
  • general touring or performance costs, unless related to a significant showcasing opportunity such as a performing arts market or expo.
  • funding to present workshops.

Note: Applicants must not assume they will be successful, or enter into commitments based on that assumption, before receiving formal notification of the outcome of their funding, nor should applicants assume that if they are successful once they will be successful again in the future.

Applicants who have overdue acquittals cannot be funded until the overdue acquittals (in any funding program) are submitted and accepted. 

Applicants who have received an Indigenous Professional Development program grant in the past 12 months may apply, but priority will be given to applicants that have not received a grant in the previous 12 months where competition is high.

All applicants are encouraged to plan for contingencies and consider other funding sources and options should their application be unsuccessful. If your application is unsuccessful, you can submit your application again into the next grant round.

Applications from organisations

Organisations may apply on behalf of an applicant. However, the application must focus on the merits of the professional development activity for the individual (not the organisation).  Additionally, if the organisation is making an application on behalf of a member of their staff, the organisation must demonstrate a financial (cash) contribution within the budget to the costs of the activity. The contribution must be to the direct and actual costs of the activity such as accommodation costs eg. salary or per diem costs are not eligible.

Making an application

To address the assessment criteria you are required to answer the following questions in plain English  (in less than 2000 characters each):

  1. Describe the conference/event/workshop, and specify where and when will it be held.
  2. What is your role in the activity?  Are you attending as a participant or do you have a presenting role? (If presenting you must include any payments in the budget.)
  3. What is the need being addressed by the artist or arts worker completing this professional development opportunity?  What is it specifically about this professional development opportunity that addresses this need? If applying for International activities, tell us why this particular activity cannot be undertaken in Australia and why it makes sense to your current career objectives
  4. What are the expected outcomes of this professional development activity for the participants career in the short and longer term? How does your involvement in the activity contribute to the quality, reputation and diversity of the Victorian creative industries and cultural sector?

Tips and Timeline 

How to make a strong application

  • The proposal clearly outlines what the activity is and your role in it, why you need to attend in relation to your own professional development and what you expect to achieve, who is involved (particularly in activities involving market development and cross-cultural exchange) and your role in the activity and when and where the activity will take place including expected flight dates, meeting/event dates include a dot point timeline.
  • Tell us where you are in your career and why this activity will 'take you to the next level'. 
  • Include an outline of the professional experience, knowledge and/or skills you wish to develop by completing the activity and why.
  • Include Proof of support for projects that involve international market development or cross-cultural exchange activity. This could take the form of letters of support, invitations, emails and a itinerary of meetings in relation to market development.
  • Tell us why the expected outcomes will provide career advancement opportunities for the artist and/or arts-worker.
  • Tell us why the project will contribute to promoting Victoria's artistic strengths locally, nationally or internationally.
  • Include a budget that is realistic and viable and includes other funding applied for. Clearly state your cash or in-kind contribution to the activity. Where an organisation is the applicant it is expected the organisation will financially contribute to the activity.

For further useful information about general eligibility, applying for funding, tax, your legal responsibilities and more visit the Information for all Applicants section.



To be eligible for funding through the Indigenous Professional Development program the proposed activity must directly involve an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander artist or arts-worker.

Assessment Criteria

Each application will be competitively assessed and rated against the Indigenous Arts Professional Development program aims and the following assessment criteria:

1. Artist and Professional Development 

The proposed activity:

  • Develops career opportunities for the artist/arts-worker
  • Provides professional development for the artist/arts-worker in an area of need to build skill, capacity and/or leadership capability.

2. Audience Engagement

The proposed activity:

  • Develops or has the potential to develop new audiences/markets for the artists’ work
  • Contributes to and enhances the reputation of the Victorian arts sector.

3. Viability

The application demonstrates the level of planning and organisational capacity required to deliver the proposed activity through provision of:

  • A viable and realistic budget;
  • Relevant and appropriate support material; and
  • A viable timeline and/or itinerary.

Assessment Process

Members of Creative Victoria Advisory Panels, comprising arts professionals and community representatives may assist with the assessment of applications. Advisory Panel members and/or Creative Victoria staff assess and rank each application against the program aims and assessment criteria.


On January 1 2015 Arts Victoria formally transitioned into Creative Victoria, a new State Government body dedicated to supporting, championing and growing the arts and creative industries.

As a recipient of Creative Victoria funding, you are required to:

  • Notify Creative Victoria of any changes to your proposed tour
  • Publicly acknowledge the support of the Victorian Government using specific logos and text
  • Acquit your grant by completing a written report on the outcomes of your funded project.

Notification of changes

Once you have received funding you are required to keep Creative Victoria advised of any significant changes that may impact on the tour. Changes to itineraries (dates, venues etc) and expenditure of approved funding can normally be accommodated as variations to a funding agreement. You should contact Indigenous Professional Development program staff to discuss any likely changes.

Logos and Text Acknowledgement


The Creative Victoria logo device must be included on all promotional materials produced by the grant recipient in relation to the funded activity.

Creative Victoria logo

These may include (but are not restricted to):

  • Posters, fliers and brochures
  • Advertisements
  • Invitations
  • Information and education kits
  • Signage
  • Programs and catalogues
  • Websites.

The size and position of the logo should be commensurate with the level of funding provided by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria in relation to other supporters.

The Creative Victoria logo device is available in a variety of formats, please take note of the guidelines for its use.

Text Acknowledgement

The following text/verbal acknowledgement of Victorian Government should be used in any speeches, media releases, interviews and other circumstances where a logo may not be possible:
[This project is] supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria

Acquittal Reports

When your funded activity is completed, you must provide Creative Victoria with an acquittal report within 90 days.

Failure to satisfactorily acquit funding will make you ineligible for future Arts Victoria funding and may result in action to recover the grant.

The acquittal report includes a financial reconciliation. For grants of $40,000 and over the acquittal report must include an opinion or certification by an independent auditor that verifies the financial reconciliation.

For further information go the the Acquittals page.

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