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Design is a multifaceted and far-reaching concept. It is the art of elegant problem solving, where strategy, creativity, investigation and collaboration combine, delivering products, services and systems that look and work better.

Design is evident in how we live, work, play, learn, interact and travel. It impacts our productivity, our performance and our quality of life.

In Victoria, more than 195,000 people are employed in design related roles across a range of industries, including the creative industries. The sector incorporates professions such as graphic design, branding and communications design, architecture, industrial and digital design, interior design and landscape design, user experience design, fashion design and urban design – the list goes on. All told, the design sectors injects an estimated $7 billion annually into the Victorian economy, generating more than $200 million in design related exports.

And yet, design is more than an industry. Design is a capability - an important driver of innovation and growth. It can be incorporated into any business, helping companies to understand and resolve their business challenges, improving the way a product or service is developed and delivered, as well as how well it works. It provides a process and tools to translate ideas into practical business applications.

Read the Victorian Government design research report 2012

The Victorian Government is committed to supporting innovation and growth through design, harnessing the enormous potential that design thinking and application brings to all industries and to the Victorian economy.

A range of initiatives exist to nurture and promote the sector, including the Premier’s Design Awards, Melbourne International Design Week, MPavillion and the Design to Business (D2B) Integration and Insight programs.

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