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About Creative Industries

What are the creative industries?

The creative industries are a broad but interconnected field, spanning arts, culture, screen and design.

They encompass disciplines as diverse as games development and graphic design; fashion and film-making; independent theatre and industrial design; comedy and craft. And they include activities that are both commercially-driven and community-based; experimental and export ready, and everything in between.

Collectively, Victoria’s creative industries contribute $22.7 billion to the state – representing 8% of the total economy. They are among our fastest growing industries – growing at almost double the rate of the broader economy - and they employ over 220,000 people.

Their value extends well beyond a dollar figure: they are central to our identity, to the liveability of our communities, to our social cohesion, and to our productivity. They inform the way we think, the way we express ourselves, the way we work and the way we play. They are an essential part of what sets Victoria apart from other places.

The creative industries have a role to play across virtually every area of society – from education and health to corrections, community development, science and innovation, civic planning, and much more.


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